This agreement is entered into this (day) day of (month) (year), between (Seller’s Name) hereinafter called the Seller, and


Purchaser(s) Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone: (Hm): _______________________ _________________________________________          

Cell: ______________________________________

Cell: ____________________________________

Work: ___________________________________ Work:___________________________________

hereinafter called the Buyer(s).

Purchase Price: ___________________






Breed of Dog:  Samoyed ___Puppy Color:  ________________  Sex: ___________________      

AKC Reg Name: Metak's           __________________ __  

Coat Color:________________________   

DOB: __________AKC Reg. No.:____________Puppy No: _____Chip I.D. No.:      ________                                

Sire:  ________________________________ AKC Reg. No.:  _________________               

Dam: _______________________________AKC Reg. No.:  ______________                     


hereinafter called the Buyer(s).


1.  Buyer agrees to pay all monies owed the Seller, in this case the sum of $________,

for one (sex) Samoyed puppy, whelped (date), sired by (Sires Name)  out of Ch. Metak's Miss Demeanor per the terms of mutual agreement to this agreement, and signed by Buyer and Seller.

2.  Buyer agrees to pay all expenses for transportation and delivery of the Samoyed from the Seller’s kennel to a point designated by the Buyer.  The form of transportation selected shall always be the fastest and safest route.

3.  Said Samoyed is guaranteed to be of sound body and in good health and free from any communicable disease at the time of sale.  Buyer must have said Samoyed examined by a licensed veterinarian within five (5) working days from date of receiving the puppy.  Full refund or replacement will be given upon receipt of letter from veterinarian and return of dog within this period of time.

4.  Seller agrees to provide American Kennel Club, Inc Limited Registration papers of the individual puppy and to provide such documents of registration and transfer of ownership to the Buyer at no further cost to him/her.

5. Obedience Class refund:

              A.  Must be within one year of the date of purchasing your Samoyed.

              B.   $75.00 will be refunded within a 30 day period upon receipt of the copy of the completion certificate.

6.  Said Samoyed is guaranteed to be free of Congenital Hip Dysplasia under the following conditions:

                A.      Said Samoyed will not be kept on a slick surface or on such a surface where secure footing is difficult.

                B.       Said Samoyed is not hit by a car or otherwise injured in such a manner to cause damage to the hips.                  

                C.       At the minimum age acceptable to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, (2 years), hereinafter referred to as OFA, the puppy shall have a hip x-ray done by a veternarian that understands the positioning of the hips and the process and shall be done between the ages of 2-3.  This x-ray shall be submitted to OFA for a reading.  Buyer shall pay all costs incurred relevant to x-raying and certification of the puppy.

                D.        The OFA will make the final determination of hip dysplasia and proof of certification by OFA shall be given to the Seller on official OFA letterhead.  In the event that said Samoyed shall be found dysplastic in the manner stated above, the Buyer must notify the Seller.  Buyer may then exercise one of the following options within two (2) months of notification of OFA:

                      1)        Buyer may return the Samoyed for a replacement puppy of equal quality when one becomes available from a subsequent litter as selected by the seller, or

                      2)        Buyer may return the Samoyed with all ownership and registration papers for full refund of purchase price, or

                      3)       If the Buyer chooses not to exercise one of the above options within the prescribed time, the Buyer waives all right and title to further claims or options against the Seller. 

All the above guarantees are void as follows:

                 A.        If the puppy is diagnosed other than radiographically, if palpation or fulcrum (if performed prior to three (3) years of age methods of detecting hip dysplasia are used or


                 B.        If the dog is used for breeding.                                       

6.  Said Samoyed is guaranteed to be free from Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), under the OFA same provisions as stated in #7 above.  PRA, or freedom from it, must be diagnosed by a veterinarian approved by a veterinarian approved by the American College of Veterinary Ophalmologists.

7.  Buyer Agrees:

                    A.  Under said agreement, that upon registration of above Samoyed, with the American Kennel Club that the name Metak  will precede your Samoyed puppy’s registered  name. 

                    B.   To keep Seller informed of any change in address and/or phone numbers at all times.

                    C .  That upon the Buyers decision to sell or give away said Samoyed, Seller be notified and has the first option to purchased Samoyed at the lowest price offered to any other individual. 

                     D .  That Seller be notified of any life threatening or quality of life threatening disease or condition so as to be of help and comfort to Samoyed and his/her family.

8.  Buyer further agrees that:

                       A.  Said Samoyed will be kept in a healthful, loving environment.

                       B.  Said Samoyed will be fed and housed in an environment that will result in a sound body and temperament.

                       C.  Buyer will keep Samoyed free from internal and external parasites and will provide adequate veterinary care, keeping all inoculations current.

                       D.  Said Samoyed will be bathed, fed and brushed on a regular and consistent basis to keep coat free from dirt and mats.  In addition, Samoyed will be kept at a healthy weight.

                        E.   Said Samoyeds yard is securely fenced, or Samoyed is closely surveyed by family members when outside.   

                        F.  Samoyed will be disciplined with love, understanding and consistency.

                        G.  Said Samoyed is NOT to be confined by being tied out in a yard by chain, rope or other unacceptable methods or be allowed to ride in the back of a pick-up truck however, said dog should NEVER be left inside a vehicle alone to prevent fatalities cause by fast rising heat inside the vehicle.  A dog could die within minutes under these circumstances.

9.  Buyer will have a two-week trial period to see if the dog works out with Buyer.  If for any reason the dog does not work out, the dog will be returned to Seller and a complete refund will be provided to Buyer.

10.   Buyer agrees that failure to fulfill the terms and conditions of the above paragraphs constitute just cause, and thereby the Seller has all rights to reclaim the said Samoyed from the Buyer, together with all papers necessary to transfer ownership to the Seller, at no cost to the Seller.

11. This agreement is entered into between Seller and original Buyer(s) and is non-transferable without the express written approval of Sellers.

12.  Other provisions as agreed to by both parties:






Failure to comply with all aspects of this agreement renders all guarantees null and void.  Abuse or neglect of said dog will be cause for return of dog to Seller.  Although this has never been a problem, I would hope that Buyer(s) would understand and appreciate the responsibility a Breeder/Seller takes and feels responsible for each and every dog they place .  I want each Buyer(s) to understand that Seller(s) do accept this responsibility through the good times and the bad.



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