We believe in health checks including eyes, hips, heart, progressive retinal atrophy & retinal dysplasia/OSD in our breeding adults which is the suggestion of the Samoyed Club of America, Inc.  With these 5 health clearances a Samoyed will receive a CHIC number.  

Our recommendation is that before purchasing a puppy from any breeder, you make an effort to go to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to look up the Breeders Kennel name, then the parents of the puppy to see what health clearances they have obtained.  CHIC doesn't mean they are clear of those health issues but that they have allowed the results to be published.  Allowing your uncleared dog to be on the OFA site tells me you are probably looking at a good, honest, reputable breeder.  With that said at the very least both parents should have their Hips X-rayed and rated and an annual eye exam (CERF) done and posted on the OFA sight. 

Lastly make sure your Sammy is microchipped so if they ever get lost or stolen they hopefully will make it back home. 

We hope this will help in your search for not only a puppy but a reputable breeder!