This agreement is entered into this (day) day of (month) (year), between (Seller’s Name) hereinafter called the Seller, and hereinafter called the Purchaser,

Purchaser(s) Name(s): _____________________________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________________________________


Phone: (Hm): _______________________ _________________________________________          

Cell: ______________                              ________Cell: ____________________________________

Work: ________________________________ Work:___________________________________


Purchase Price of Dog:  Pending Age and Situation   ___________________________             

Breed of Dog:  Samoyed ___              Sex: ___________      Color:  ________________               

AKC Reg Name:                                                                        _________________________                 

DOB: _______________ AKC Reg. No.:_______________ Chip I.D. No.:      _                                 

Sire:  _______________________                         _______    AKC Reg. No.:  _________               

Dam: ____________________________________   ___ AKC Reg. No.:  ____________                     

Health Clearances Including numbers listed:





Purchaser agrees to pay all expenses for transportation and delivery of the Samoyed from the Seller’s kennel to a point designated by the purchaser.  The form of transportation selected shall always be the fastest and safest route.

1.  Health Testing

a)  (Said dog) was examined on (date) by an American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologist and does have a CERF number for eyes showing they were normal.  This is done on Show Dogs once a year for breeding purposes but you are not required to maintain this CERF number nor do eye exams unless it is recommended by your Veterinarian due to issues that may come up in the future.  The Ophthalmology clinic I use is the Gulf Coast Eye Clinic in Houston.  Any of the three (3) veterinarians I highly recommend.

b)  (him/her) hips (have/have not) been X-rayed for hip dysplasia and if so has received a (hip rating/number).  This is done at two (2) years of age.  Both of (him/her) parents have an OFA rating of (rating of hips if not a rescue). 

c)  All testing on this individual dog has been listed above including numbers.


2.   I require that you take (Samoyeds name) through an obedience class.  I feel it builds confidence and promotes a healthy bonding between an owner and their Samoyed.  A refund will be sent to you in the amount of $75 with a proof of completion.


3.  Purchaser agrees to the following terms:

a)  Said Samoyed will not be kept on a slick surface or on such a surface where secure footing is difficult.

b)  To keep Seller informed of any change in address and/or phone numbers at all times.

c)  If the Purchaser for any reason chooses not to keep the said dog, (he/she) will be returned to the Seller for a full refund.

d)  That Purchaser be notified of any life threatening or quality of life threatening disease or condition so they can provide help and comfort to Samoyed and his/her family.


4.  Purchaser further agrees that:

a) Said Samoyed will be kept in a healthful and loving environment.

b) Said Samoyed will be fed and housed in an environment that will result in a sound body and temperament. 

c) Purchaser will keep Samoyed free from internal and external parasites and will provide adequate veterinary care, keeping all inoculations current according an acceptable protocol.  This will be discussed with you.

d) Said Samoyed will be bathed, fed and brushed on a regular and consistent basis to keep coat free from dirt and mats.In addition, Samoyed will be kept at a healthy weight.

e) Samoyed will be disciplined with love, understanding and consistency.

f) Said Samoyed is NOT to be confined by being tied out in a yard by chain, rope or other unacceptable methods or be allowed to ride in the back of a pick-up truck.  The said dog should NEVER be left inside a vehicle alone.  With fast rising heat inside the vehicle, there could be fatalities.   A dog could die within minutes under these circumstances. 

g) Said Samoyed will be taking within 10 days for a vet visit for an exam to make sure the said dog is in good health and to meet his new Dr.  Also it’s a good idea to give your new vet copies of their medical files for your future visits.

h) Purchaser agrees that failure to fulfill the terms and conditions of the above paragraphs constitute just cause, and thereby the Seller has all rights to reclaim the said Samoyed from the Purchaser, together with all papers necessary to transfer ownership to the Seller, at no cost to the Seller.


5. Basic Information on your new Samoyed;

a) Heartworm Pill was given on (date).

b) He/she is fed (number) of cups a day with (number) fed in AM and (number) fed in PM

c) He/she should maintain a weight between (weight) which is correct for this individual dog.

Other provisions as agreed to by both parties and/or Special Agreements/Requirements:




Failure to comply with all aspects of this agreement renders all guarantees null and void.  Abuse or neglect of said Samoyed will be cause for return of dog to Seller.  Although this has never been a problem, I would hope that the Purchaser(s) would understand and appreciate the responsibility that the Breeder/Seller takes and feels for each and every Samoyed they place.  I want each Purchaser to understand that each person does accept this responsibility through the good times and the bad.




_____________________________________            ___________________________________

     Purchaser’s Signature                  Dated                                    Co- Purchaser’s Signature         Dated



_____________________________________           ___________________________________

Breeder/Seller Signature                  Dated                                      Breeder/Seller’s Signature              Dated




Seller(s) Contact Information:



Address:  ________________________________________________

Phone (Hm):______________________________________________

Phone (Cell):______________________________________________

Phone (Wk):______________________________________________

Email Address:____________________________________________