My love of this breed began in 1979 with my first rescue, Seger.  Thus began my journey to discover the secrets of this wonderful working breed.  This has led me through obedience, agility, therapy, some herding, pack hiking, conformation and to my greatest challenge, "breeding".  It is my dream to breed the perfect samoyed.  Although I know this is nearly impossible, it provides me the energy to continually attempt to make that dream come true.


Although Metak (Me-talk) Samoyeds is an active show kennel I strive on quality rather than quantity and our Samoyeds are family first and show dogs second.  My breeding program is extremely selective and I hold high standards in producing healthy, happy, sound puppies that excel in any venue you choose to pursue, conformation, obedience, agility, therapy or a wonderful family companion.


As a breeder I believe that I am a keeper of this ancient, natural breed and it is my duty to preserve and protect it!


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