Not long ago it was possible for all those looking for a Samoyed could find one within 6 months?  Sadly with the popularity of the breed, reputable breeders can no longer keep up with the new demands.  With that brings scammers and more people breeding because of their popularity and the money to be made.  Neither rarely do health checks on their dogs or the screening of their new owners.  Remember it's about the money.  Many have stole photos from reputable breeders webpages including here at Metak.  They are learning how to sound like a reputable breeder by stealing wording from reputable websites.  Buyer beware and do your homework before you make your purchase.


The following are tips and research idea’s that can help you make informed decisions.  

1.  Go to the “Samoyed Club of America’s” webpage to find a list of reputable breeders in your area.   Hopefully they can help direct you in the right direction.  For the most part, reputable breeders are members of the SCA. 

2.  Ask for a 3 generation pedigree on the parents.  No reputable breeder should refuse you a copy of the pedigree of a litter they are selling.  When you receive it, go to the ‘Orthopedic Foundation of Animals” page and look up the Sire & Dams names to see if you can find their health clearances.   Keep in mind they could use the pedigree of a reputable breeder and this may not be their actual pedigree.   The least they will know you are informed.  What is their reaction to your request? 

3.  Reputable breeders show their dogs at dog shows.  If it's a reputable breeder you should be able to Google the sellers name and/or the sire and dams names.  If there is a Ch. before the dogs name means they won their Championship hopefully through the American Kennel Club but thats for another day.  Do any of the dogs have Ch. in front of their name on the pedigree?  Reputable breeders pedigree will have 90% Champions if not more.  Does this owners name match the person selling the puppies? 

4.  85% of the time the sire of the puppies will not be on the premises of a reputable breeder.  Ask if you will be able to see both parents when "picking up" your puppy or adult Samoyed.  If they won't allow you to come to their home then it's probably a scam or a less than desirable situation where the puppies are being raised.  This is just another piece of this large puzzle. 

5.  A reputable breeder will not have a "Pay Here" button on their website because you are interviewed before you ever will be getting a puppy.  Maybe by “Paypal” (this is traceable) which is only after they have spoken to you and given you an email address to send it but never a “Pay Here” button. 

6.  Many are not even here in this country so communicate with them to see if there is broken English.  It's not always true but could be a red flag.

7.  Many times the photos of the puppies will each have a different look because the photos are stolen from different breeders websites.  It’s possible they aren’t actual littermates nor do they actually belong to the seller.  

8.  When I take a photo of my puppies, they each get their own photo but the background remains the same.  Look at the environment of the photos.  Are you seeing consistancy?  This is a good sign that you need to walk away. 

9.  Do they have a photo including the whole litter or are they a listing like you would find on eBay?  If the puppies are being treated like a product with a "Pay Here" you should walk away.  Reputable Breeders always screen where their puppies are going.  

10.  Remember, no reputable breeder will ask for the full price of a puppy until you actually take possession of your puppy but some do ask for a deposit.

11.  If they seem really pushy for the sale and hear back from them immediately you are possibly communicating with a scammer.   


In the end, the best way to avoid finding yourself as a victim of online puppy scam or inadvertently supporting cruel breeding is not to feel sorry for the puppies by purchasing from them.  It only gives a reason to breed more.  Do your homework and follow your gut! 


I hope this helps in the search of a best friend and family member.  The following links has excellent information from the BBB including statistic’s on Puppy Scams.  I hope this helps you further in your search.  

Better Business Bureau - Puppy Scams

AKC Warning on Puppy Scams