So you are interested in a Samoyed?  They make wonderful pets and will provide a lifetime of joy for the right owners.  As with each breed, our beautiful Samoyed has special needs and unique habits that one must accept and/or work through.   

As a long time Samoyed owner and responsible breeder, it's very important to me that I do my best to place the right puppy or adult Samoyed in a compatible home. 

If you are interested in owning one of our Samoyeds, please begin the process by reading our purchase agreement to make sure that you agree and are willing to abide by the terms before filling out the questionnaire below.  

I consistanly receive emails asking how much a Samoyed puppy sells for.   You will find that most reputable breeders are asking $2500-$3500.  They are in such high demand, reputable breeders can no longer keep up with the demand.  Buyer Beware!!!!


NOTE:  Metak Samoyeds breeds on a limited bases.  Feel free to fill out our questionnaire if you wish.  With your permission, your questionnaire can be shared with breeders or rescue groups when there is a need for homes.  Thank you so much for your interest in Metak Samoyeds.